He Who Lufts Last Lufts Best – LUFTRAUSERS

Vlambeer make a screen shake (read: design fun and visceral action games) like nobody’s business… Except it is their business, and business is good.

After gestating for the past couple of years, LUFTRAUSERS is now ready to drop, hitting PC, Mac, Linux, PS3 and PSVita on March 18th.

We normally don’t bother spruiking for upcoming games, because there’s simply TOO MANY of them, but the proof is in the pudding, and there’s pudding below.

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Lumbarjack – Defense Technica

Defense Technica follows the golden rule that all Tower Defence games must have either the word ‘defence’ or ‘tower’ in the title, and it’s published by Devolver Digital who have demonstrated impeccable taste in the past.

But can Defense Technica stand up against the wave upon wave of other TD titles?

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Happy New Game+ 2013

At the start of last year, weekendwarrio.rs was only just launching, so our 2012 GOTY piece was more a burst of reviews rather than a round-up. This time around, however, we’ve got a full year to look back on. Read on to see us miss the point, forget some brilliant games, cover some equally brilliant games, and generally have a bit of a laugh as we pass out our various awards for 2013.

No, what I meant was These men write about video games for a website, but what happens next will shock you. OH, DO PLEASE FUCK OFF WITH THAT SHIT.

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Lumbarjack – Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

I’ve been on hiatus. Correction: I’m still on hiatus. I will forever be on hiatus until such a point as Donald Trump comes along with a toupee full of cash and pays me to run this site full-time. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been playing games, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been having opinions about games; it just means I’ve been playing games for fun, and not forcing myself to write them up constantly.

[And writing these drafts I felt as though I was rusty, so I apologise in advance.]

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons sort of slipped under my radar. It had good word of mouth, but I suspect the gamepad requirement put some people off. It certainly caused me to skip over the game initially – certainly a game that requires a gamepad is a subpar console port not worthy of your time, right?

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Newshogg – Game of Kongs

Another week, another round of news. It’s almost as if this was a dynamic industry that continues to grow inexorably – even if that growth is likely linked to a single gargantuan title. BOOM! A news piece in the introduction; is there nothing I can’t do?

James McKibbin – who our source* suggests is made entirely of fire – gather a whole heap of news, and below I’ve distilled it into that delicious news you crave fortnightly (smart-arse).

*Our source may be a perpetually drunk Canadian.

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New Growth – XCOM: Enemy Within

At weekendwarrio.rs we loved XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It got a mention as one of the best games of 2012, and I regaled you all with my tale of science fiction’s finest taking on the extraterrestrial threat.

Now Firaxis gives us Enemy Within – a proper Expansion Pack from the days of yore. But is it more of a good thing, or have they managed to cock the whole thing up?

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Newshogg – Insert Witty Headline

On the horizon are flashes of artillery fire. Bros are dying in their thousands, laying down their lives for the black box plugged into their TVs.
The Console War wages, and nobody is safe.

Our spy McKibbin, James McKibbin – who drinks his Harp neither shaken nor stirred – has passed on a great deal of data, and now it’s up to your loyal intelligence analyst to sift through the pieces.

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Curbstomper – Catacomb Dex

I deliberately took last week off to give your wallets’ regenerating health a chance to kick in (that’s a lie, I did it for entirely selfish reasons), but let’s see what’s on offer this week.

PROTIP: If you follow as many indie devs on Twitter as I do, you’ve probably come across these all already. Now you know my secret power!

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Videodrome – Door Kickers Early Access

Door Kickers is a real-time strategy game that puts you in control of a SWAT team as they kick doors and chew bubblegum. It’s available through Steam’s Early Access – with regular updates coming down the pipe, and an expected final release in the first quarter of 2014 – so I’m here to tell you about the current state of play.

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Generation P – Risk of Rain

The odd thing about supporting a number of Kickstarter campaigns, but not really following any of them closely, is that you can suddenly find yourself the owner of a brand new vidya game that you’d entirely forgotten about.

Enter Risk of Rain. After getting successfully Kickstartered back in April, Risk of Rain officially released this week, and trust me when I say you want to check it out.

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